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                    Updated: 30 Nov 2016


            [1] AddIns

                  A simple Vertical Worksheets Navigation Addin (BetaVersion4)


                 The AddIn uses the [EHBEO ExcelBungaBunga] principle, see point 2 further below.
                 It's FREE and will stay that way. Additional features are in the pipeline.

                - Download 
the .xll file.
                - Drag & Drop it into Excel to have it alive only in that instance, or install it.
                - Check your macros settings and enjoy the functionality!

                    BetaVersion4 (30  Nov 2016) → Probably due to some Windows Updates but I'm having trouble getting the add-in to work propertly #$#@%&
                   and life also got in the way preventing me to look into it more deeply. I'm working on it...
                   Meanwhile, please see this site for an alternative way of vertical navigation through worksheets using hyperlinks (thanks to the owner):

                   Here is the code that does the job described by the site

                   Sub CreateMenu()

                      Dim i As Integer
                      i = 1
                      'Add a new worksheet
      Worksheets.Add Before:=Sheets(1)
       Sheets(1).Name = "Menu"
       Worksheets("Menu").Range("A1").Value = "Menu"
       For i = 2 To ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Count
              Worksheets("Menu").Range("A" & i) = Sheets(i).Name
              ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Worksheets("Menu").Range("A" & i), _
                Address:="", _
                           SubAddress:="'" & Sheets(i).Name & "'!R1C1", _
                     Next i
                  End Sub

                  [END CODE]

                BetaVersion3 (01 Jun 2016) → will expire after 30 Nov 2016
                BetaVersion2 (09 Mar 2016) → expired on 31 May 2016
                - BetaVersion1 (01 Mar 2016) → expired on 31 May 2016

- BetaVersion3 will expire after 30 Nov 2016. Check this site around that time for the next version or email me.
                - The RTM (Release To Manufacturing) version, although still free, will require a simple user registration for the use of the BungaBunga control.
The AddIn will create the following directory in your Documents folder: 

                Only tested in Windows 7 and 8.1 environment, in XL2007 and XL2010.
                (I stay away from the ugly newer versions as far as possible, as long as possible)!

                Known issues
                - XL2010: don't click on the file tab while the taskpane is docked! This will freeze Excel. XL2007 doesn't seem to mind.
                - When closed, Excel instances still run in the background. Temp fix: use the windows task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to terminate their processes.

                  Versions Log History
               - BetaVersion3
                     Expiration date extended untill 30 Nov 2016

               - BetaVersion2
                    An error that occurred while hiding/unhiding sheets (Err nr 50290) will now be analysed by the code and will be only thrown if a few attempts
                    to deal with it have failed.

         [2] Announcing [ExcelBungaBunga]

              Have you ever had the need to navigate to, and interact with, almost any other application/executable from within Excel?
              Then ExcelBungaBunga might be something for you:

               As long as it's Beta, it will be free...

              The idea was to release a BetaVersion the 1st of June July 2016.
              Unfortunately, a bug that I'm unable to solve prevented me to meet that deadline.

              Technical info about the bug and the alternative I'm thinking about
              The bug makes the ribbon not showing up. Neither it gives me directives to track the problem down! No information, no reference, nothing, nada!
              How the hell am I supposed to fix it if I don't know where to look? This makes me waisting a lot of time and energy.
              Creating Excel .xll addins in .NET is fun until the ribbon doesn't show up and you don't know why!
              It may be due to my ignorance in knowing how to debug .xll addins properly, but I've lost my patience and I have some kind of alternative...
              Since I can debug an executable with a WPF ribbon much easier and with no hide and seek games, I think I'm going to abandon creating .xll addins
              and use my little private adjusted Excel platform. I'll create an executable that embeds Excel, and that app will have WPF ribbon controls that at
              least I understand and can debug. Those ribbon controls will then interact with Excel. No more native Excel ribbon for me if I don't have too.
              With executables, I can press F5 in debug environment and walk through each line of code step by step until I hit the problem. And even if it is a
              runtime problem, I know how to track issues down. But those .xll addins ribbon nightmares are not funny anymore. That's bad for the heart :-(

              Please check the site now and then. As soon as possible, I'll publish the BetaVersion of an executable.             
              Of course, if I happen to solve the issue, I'll publish the .xll as well.

              Regards, Raymond K Gota Toudji